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Health Funds

Extras cover for audiology and hearing devices

Independent Audiologists Australia (IAA) has prepared a table of benefits of Extras cover offered by Australian Health funds for audiology and hearing devices.

 Information has been extracted from public websites and compiled into a form that allows for general comparisons.  IAA does not guarantee the accuracy of the information and presents these summaries as a guideline only.  Individuals should contact their health fund to check which benefits apply specifically to them.

Professionals should check on provider status and recognition.  Rules that apply to specific funds are included, where these rules are publicly available.

 Schemes under each fund that are currently available for the public to purchase are listed in this document.  Many Australians are members of schemes that are no longer available for purchase.  Earlier versions of the Health Funds documentation prepared by IAA may provide a general guide, but individual benefits should be verified with the relevant health fund.

Comparison Table

Table showing a comparison on all health fund Extras scheme benefits paid for audiology and/or hearing devices. 
View Comparison Table

Fund Details

Select each fund to access details about Extras cover for audiology and/or hearing devices

ACA  Health Benefits Fund

AHM Health Insurance

AUF Australian Unity Health

BUP Bupa Australia

CBHS Health Fund

CDH/HHI Benefits Fund

CUA Credit Union Australia Health

GMHBA Limited

HBF Health Limited


HCI Health Care Insurance

HIF Health Insurance Fund of Australia

SPS Health Partners

HEA health.com.au

LHS Latrobe Health Services

MBP Medibank Private

MDH Mildura District Hospital Fund

OMF National Health Benefits Australia

NHB Navy Health

NIB Health Funds

LHM Peoplecare Health Insurance

PWA Phoenix Health Fund Limited

SPE Police Health

QCH Queensland Country Health Fund

RTE Railway and Transport Health Fund

RBH Reserve Bank Health Society

SLM St Lukes Health

NTF Teachers Health Fund

QTU Teachers' Union Health

AMA The Doctors' Health Fund

TFS Transport Health

WFD Westfund Health Insurance

Scheme not found? 

Your scheme may no longer be available for purchase by new members.

Download past versions of the IAA Health Funds table for information about schemes no longer available for purchase.

Consult your health fund for details.







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