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Practice Management

Independent Audiologists Australia Code of Ethics and Rules of Professional Conduct

  1. Hours of practice are clearly displayed in the reception area and on websites.
  2. When providing services away from the main practice, patients are provided with contact details for the practice.
  3. Invoices list the practice details, practitioner name, any referral information, inclusions in any item billed for.
  4. Any therapeutic material supplied is in working order and fit for purpose.  Devices conform to the appropriate Australian standards or other relevant authority.  Warranty information is available at the time of dispensing.
  5. Repairs and service for prescribed devices are available within their practice or requested of the supplier, in keeping with any warranty and service contracts.
  6. Comprehensive and accurate records are kept for all consultations.
  7. Consent for issuing reports to third parties is requested before any reports are sent to third parties.
  8. Where practical, copies of reports are sent to patients or their families.
  9. Records and reports are the property of the practice owner.  All records are securely stored and kept for a minimum of fifteen years from the last professional service.
  10. Copies of relevant information are provided to patients on request where such provision does not breach professional confidentiality.
  11. Members carry appropriate indemnity insurance for the protection of patients, staff and self.
  12. The content of any unsolicited contact with patients by mail, email, telephone, print or other electronic media is of potential benefit to the patient.  Reminders of scheduled or routine follow up appointments are permitted.
  13. All patients are invited to provide feedback to the clinic.  IAA members are obligated to review their practice should complaints be received, without any prejudice to the patient who has provided feedback.

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