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Excellence in Education

IAA's ongoing education programme

Independent Audiologists Australia (IAA) offers an Excellence in Education Programme (EEP) that provides in depth and advanced ongoing education through a series of seminars and master classes.

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The EEP programme offers sufficient hours of ongoing education each year so that members who are able to attend the programme accumulate at least 20 hours of ongoing professional education , which is the amount required by similar professions that are registered in Australia

The IAA EEP programme is made up of combination of business seminars, clinical seminars and master classes.

IAA members who participate in the IAA EEP are awarded certificates annually that indicate the number of hours of ongoing education that was accumulated as part of the IAA EEP programme.

Quality of learning opportunities available through IAA’s EEP is ensured through detailed planning of all seminars and master classes, according to the following principles:

1.    IAA’s Executive appoints a Chair of Education to oversee all decisions related to the EEP.

2.    Seminar topics arise from contemporary themes that emerge at international conferences and in international peer reviewed publications, and which are determined by the Executive, to be relevant to local needs.

3.    Seminar convenors are appointed to assist with seminar arrangements at the discretion of the Executive and the Chair.

4.    All seminar contributors are invited on the basis of their academic, research and/or clinical record and reputation.

5.    Seminar contributors are required to submit detailed abstracts before seminar programmes are finalised.

6.    Seminar programmes are carefully compiled to ensure maximum learning opportunities, introducing theoretical bases, current research findings, and clinical applications for each topic.

7.    Seminar programmes allow sufficient time for each contributor to offer in depth and advanced knowledge on their specific topic.

8.    Programmes build in discussion and question time to ensure that the relevance of each topic is made known within each seminar.

9.    Pre-seminar reading lists and post-seminar access to presentations and resources are available to all IAA members, and to seminar delegates who are not members of IAA.

10.   Feedback is sought after all EEP activities to ensure optimal learning and development opportunities.

IAA’s EEP programme is available to all IAA members.

Topics of clinical relevance to all audiologists are open to non-members. 

Members and subscribers are charged reduced rates to attend IAA educational events.

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