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Why consult an audiologist who belongs to Independent Audiologists Australia

Clinical Independence, Professional Integrity
and Quality Service Delivery

An ACCC report (March 2017) shone a spotlight on issues regarding the dispensing of hearing aids in Australia revealing that the for-profit government and corporately owned hearing clinics that set sales targets, pay commissions or clinical bonuses based on hearing aid sales and have preferred manufacturer arrangements linked to volume discounts.

Commissions or bonuses contribute to high hearing device costs, create conflicts of interest and are not usually transparent to patients or their referring doctors.
Some large clinic chains pay commissions to  certain health funds each time one of their members is fitted with a hearing aid., which will be written into the small print.   

  IAA Members deliver evidence-based family centred audiological care according to the IAA code of ethics and professional practice.

 You will receive

  •  Independent professional impartial advice
  • A comprehensive diagnostic audiological assessment after collecting a comprehensive case history including the otological health, hearing requirements and lifestyle of your patient.
  • A clear explanation of all audiological results and provision of a written report to your doctor and copied to you  in compliance with the Privacy Act.
  • Evidence based rehabilitation plans that may or may not include prescribed hearing devices. 
  • Hearing devices prescribed to meet clinical and family needs based realistic expectations, auditory and cognitive ability within funding and budgetary restrictions.  
  • Transparent billing of devices and services.
  • Long term care for the impact of you hearing and/or balance disorder.
  • Defined and transparent relationships with the hearing device industry.
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