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Health Funds

Extras and hospital cover for audiology and hearing devices

Independent Audiologists Australia (IAA) has collated benefits of Extras and Hospital cover offered by Australian  private health funds for audiology and hearing devices.

 Information has been extracted from public websites and compiled into a form that allows you to easily find your fund and current schemes offered, to see what benefits you may be entitled to.  IAA does not guarantee the accuracy of the information and presents these summaries as a guideline only.  Individuals should contact their health fund to check which benefits apply specifically to them. 

In some cases you will belong to a scheme that is no longer offered to the public, and does not appear in the current listing.  We recommend you contact your fund to check eligibility. 
Earlier versions of IAA's compilations may offer you a general guide, but to be sure, you need to check your eligibility with your fund.   

IAA is supported by Cochlear Ltd , who have offered information and financial support to allow  IAA to provide this information to the public.  Med-El have shared information that has been incorporated into information for each individual fund.

Extras Cover for audiology and hearing devices

Hospital cover for implantable devices

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