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Who to refer to an audiologist?

Adults experiencing any of the following should consult an audiologist:

 Difficulty picking out words in the presence of background noise
Describes moments lacking clarity in speech or understanding

Complaints of Tinnitus
buzzing or ringing sounds in one or both ears

Difficulty hearing on the phone or television

Speaks loudly and has trouble understanding or responding

History of falls; or have problems with balance or dizziness

Depression, worry or anxiety, related to the inability to hear

Exposure to high noise levels on their jobs or during recreation
Reports everybody mumbles
Others say the television or radio is too loud
Difficulty multitasking and/or learning new tasks

Children demonstrating any of the following should be referred to an audiologist:

 Family history of hearing loss
Risk factors such as delayed development
History of middle ear disease
History of infectious disease
Delayed speech or language skills
Behaviour difficulties
Learning difficulties
Poorly developed social skills
Poor comprehension of instructions

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